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An information center for the Rainbow 100 from Digital Equipment Corporation

Welcome to the Rainbow 100 Home Page! The Rainbow is a microcomputer built during the 1980s. It contains two CPUs, an Intel 8088 and a Zilog Z80, meaning it can run both 8- and 16-bit software. More information about the system is available all over the website, so have a look around!

Recent News

Beta Version of Goodnight Archives Online

March 2,2003

posted by: Jeff Armstrong

A new archive area is now available on this website! The Goodnight Archives are now online for beta testing. Currently, there are no descriptions accompanying the files. Hopefully, people will try the linking system to make sure the files are acceptable. The descriptions for the files of this archive will be added shortly if everything seems to work fine. A description for the archive can be found on the files page. If this archive works well, a few more will be made available. If anyone is interested in obtaining the program that generated the archive listings, feel free to e-mail me at jba@_nospam_.sdf.lonestar.org.

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