The Bare Essentials

So, new to the Rainbow? Here are links to the starter files to get you up and running.

Operating Systems:      MS-DOS 3.10b
CP/M-86/80 2.1
Starter Utitlies: WUtil 3.2 (Hard Disk Setup)
MS-Kermit 3.10 (Serial File Transfer)
IBM PC Utitlities: Teledisk (for writing Rainbow boot disks on PC)
22Disk 1.40 (for reading/writing CP/M disks)
RainDOS 1.21 (for reading/writing MS-DOS formatted RX50s)

The Update Archive

The definitive Rainbow 100 archive is maintained by the Update Computer Club of Uppsala University. If you need almost any program, it can be found there.

Update Home Page      Update FTP Archives

The Goodnight Archive (BETA)

The Goodnight Archive was once available trhough the Rainbow 100 Home Page of the past. The archive started as a mirror of the Update Archive, but has been rearranged and files have been added over the years. The archive is now available, without file descriptions, through an HTTP interface.

Goodnight Archive

Other Files

Sure, there are some Rainbow software packages not found in the Update archives, especially commercial packages. Look for more archives coming soon!

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