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Still Under Construction... (Always!)      This site will continue to change a lot as time goes by, my interests are many and varied.

Looking for work: Anyone looking to hire an electronics technician? Computer tech? Web designer? (I write all these pages). I have a diverse background with a lot of different technical and mechanical skills, and am flexible, willing to consider contract, part-time, telecommuting, and other non-traditional options.

Serious replies only, please.

In business? Then you should really go read this short book. And I'd be very much interested in hearing from any business that has a clue.

For a bit of ranting on those companies that remain clueless, feel free to look here. Contributions to this page gladly accepted.

Uh-oh, apparently there are some newsgroups referring to me out there...

Are you a user of microsoft products? If so, you should probably look at this page, and most particularly the What's so bad about microsoft? page that's linked from there. Businesses, in particular, should pay particular attention to how a document may include a lot more than you think it does.

From the point of the software developer, there's Well, I'll be Damned! The top ten reasons Eternal Damnation is better than Windows Software Development. And from the same author, a handy Demoronizer program corrects for some of the nonstandard crap that m$ puts into their idea of "HTML".

Also highly recommended is Eric S. Raymond's The Art Of Unix Programming, which is richly informative regarding the history and philosophy behind unix and unix-like operating systems (including linux) and contrasts that with m$ and the "big monolith" approach to program design. This is worthwhile reading even if you're not a programmer and don't intend to become one, just to get a better understanding of the driving philosophy behind a lot of what's out there these days.

I scrounge a LOT of electronic parts. Some handy charts are here, and datasheets I might have on hand. Mine are not "branded", nor is there any arbitrary limit as to how many you can download, nor is there any "requirement" for registration, or a lot of the other crap that some sites ask you to put up with.

In other aspects of my technical interest, you can find me participating in a number of mailing lists. I've also started one of my own, on Yahoo!, here, mainly for discussions that didn't quite seem to fit in elsewhere. From the description on the home page:

General technical chat, mostly electronics but CNC/mechanical, software, and occasionaly straying into other areas as well.

As Ted Nelson said, "Everything is deeply intertwingled." :-)

Extra points if you know where that reference is from.

New: Stuff Wanted and for sale.

I am a gun owner.

I've collected some quotes that may be of interest...

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