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G320-5774-1 VSAM Primer and Reference
GA22-7000-0 IBM System/370 Principals of Operation400 DPI
GA32-0021-1 3803 Model 2 & 3420 Model 4, 6, 8 Magnetic Tape Subsystems Description
GA32-0023-2 3803 Model 1&2 3420 Model 3-8 Conversion Guide
GA32-0039-2 IBM Input/Output Device Summary
GC20-0001-1 IBM System/370 Bibliography --- Being Revamped !!400 DPI
GC24-5195-0 VM/Interactive File Sharing General Information
GC26-3792-8 OS/VS2 System Programming Library: System Generation Reference Release 3.8
GC26-3794-1 OS Data Management Macro Instructions Release 21.7
GC26-3813-5 OS/VS Linkage Editor and Loader
GC26-3875-0 OS/VS MVS Data Management Services Guide
GC26-3902-1 OS/VS2 MVS Utilities Release 3.8
GC26-3920-1 OS/VS Message Library: VS2 MVS Utilities Messages
GC26-4063-3 MVS/370 Installation: System Generation
GC26-4148-3 MVS/Extended Architecture Installation: System Generation
GC27-0501-2 VM/VTAM Communications Network Application General Information
GC27-6987-6 Introduction to VTAM: VTAM Level 2
GC28-0645-4 OS/VS2 TSO Terminal User's Guide
GC28-0646-3 OS/VS2 TSO Command Language Reference400 DPI
GC28-0673-6 OS/VS System Modification Program System Programmer's Guide
GC28-0683-2 OS/VS2 MVS Supervisor Services and Macro Instructions
GC28-0688-2 OS/VS2 MVS VTAM Level 2
GC28-0692-4 OS/VS2 MVS JCL
GC28-0772-3 Environmental Recording Editing and Printing (EREP) Program
GC28-0886-2 OS/VS2 MVS Performance Notebook
GC28-0984-0 OS/VS2 MVS Overview400 DPI
GC28-1025-8 OS/VS2 MVS System Product Version 1 General Information Manual
GC28-1310-4 TSO Messages
GC28-6543-5 IBM System/360 Operating System Sort/Merge Program Number 360S-SM-023
GC28-6550-11 OS Data Management for System Programers - Release 21
GC33-4021-3 OS/VS-VM/370 Assembler Programmer's Guide
GC34-2019-1 VM/Interactive Problem Control System Extension General Information
GC38-0228-0 Operator's Library: OS/VS2 Remote Terminals (JES3)
GC38-0229-1 Operator's Library: OS/VS2 MVS System Commands (VS2 Release 3.8)
GC38-1002-8 OS/VS Message Library: VS2 System Messages
GC38-1007-5 OS/VS Message Library: Linkage Editor and Loader Messages
GC38-1008-9 OS/VS Message Library: VS2 System Codes
GC38-1047-0 OS/VS System Modification Program Messages and Codes
GG22-9042-0 Job Networking Facilities
GG22-9048-0 OS/VS VSAM Recovery Guide
GH12-5130-0 VSE/Access Control - Loggins and Reporting
SC23-0046-1 JES2 Installation, Initialization, and Tuning MVS/SP
SC23-0135-1 VTAM Version 3 Releases 1 and 1.1 Reference Summary
SC28-6864-0 FORTRAN IV Mathematical and Sevice Subprograms
SC33-6107-0 VSE/Advanced Functions System Information
SC34-2038-0 System Productivity Facility for MVS Program Reference
SPLA SPLA Program Catalog 1977
WYLBUR WYLBUR Reference Manual