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ClassicCmp Mailing Lists

Below is a listing of the public mailing lists available at Click on a list name to visit the list's information page, which describes the list in more detail and provides forms to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change subscription options.

List  Description  Members  Average Load
cctalk General discussion: on-topic and off-topic posts ~650 50-100 per day
cctech General discussion: on-topic posts only ~150 50-75 per day

Old ClassicCmp List Archives

This is an archive of the messages posted to the old ClassicCmp list from its creation on March 13, 1997 to its conversion to the Mailman-based system on May 14, 2002. A chunk from December 2001 to April 2002 is currently missing, but a file containing those posts has been found and will be added to the archive soon. To access archives of the current ClassicCmp lists, visit the list information pages linked above.

The old mailing list archives have temporarily been taken offline. Please see the current mail archives linked above.

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