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Jay West jwest at
Fri Jul 3 18:24:29 CDT 2015

John Willis wrote...
 Why it or its moderators decide to unceremoniously unsubscribe me every few months without warning is beyond me. [snip]  It would be _really_ nice to do a warning message to people who haven't broken any list rules and haven't asked to be removed before dumping them, especially if this is an automatically-triggered event based on the member's lack of posting activity.
Please note....

Scenario A:
1) If I unsub you - you will get a personally typed description from me stating reasons, not an automated mailing.
2) The above would have been preceded by one or more personally typed emails.

Scenario B:
1) In fact.... you were not unsubbed by a human being. You were automatically unsubbed by the list software.
2) This is not because of breaking any rule or due to any lack of posting. It was due to the mail server here trying to send you list traffic and multiple times over a period of times the email to you was refused (usually by your server). At that point, the mailing list software will disable your subscription - not unsubscribe you.
3) If this scenario (the most likely one) occurred... you were sent warnings. But if our mx host can't reach yours multiple times.... unlikely these would get through. Nothing I can do about that short of calling you on the phone.

Scenario C:
A few months ago, the classiccmp mail server crashed and I was able to recover ALL data except the subscriber list. One of the listmembers (THANK YOU Dennis) wrote a snippet of code to go back through the last X months of list traffic and pull out all the email addresses that the list had been sending to. My apologies, but that was the best we could do in order to get the list back up. It is possible that a few email addresses were missed due to lack of sending for a while (and thus nothing to recover), or perhaps a bug in the code missed a few, no way to tell for sure.

But long story short - no moderators decided to unceremoniously unsubscribe you.



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