ZX81 FOR NEXT Sytax Error

Marco Rauhut marco at familie-rauhut.eu
Mon Jul 13 01:21:53 CDT 2015


I have here my first Sinclair ZX81 Computer with 16K Ram extension.
To check if the Ram extension works properly i want to write an small
Basic program to check each byte.
The first thing i struggle on is that 1 could not type in a for next 
10 FOR I = 17000 TO 32768
if I type in this line, the ZX81 mark an inverted "S" just before "TO".
10 FOR I = 17000 "S"TO 32768
I found out that the ZX81 "think" that there is an Sytax Error with the TO.
So i tryed all combinations with and without spaces in that basic line....
Nothing matters.
Is there someone who knows about that behaviour?


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