IBM 5120

Ali cctalk at
Mon Jul 13 03:01:07 CDT 2015

> ??? This has already been done (e.g. check my 5110 site). There are
> disk images of the CSF, the Diagnostics, Serial I/O and Async I/O
> floppies. The manuals are (almost) all there at bitsavers or on my
> site.
> Christian


Although I have seen you mention your site a few times I am not familiar
with it or the address for it. As for Bitsavers the only doc on the 5120
there is the "SY34-0192-0_5120maint_Dec79.pdf" I have not seen any disk
images for the 5120 on Bitsavers. What I was asking Guy for was Computing
System Logic Manual, the serial I/O diskette and diagnostic diskette.

If you have those already on your site I'd be happy to get them there
directly as opposed to having Guy go through the trouble of making images.


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