PDP-1 in Verilog (Incomplete) + More

Jay jaeger cube1 at charter.net
Thu Jul 30 23:00:42 CDT 2015

Sorry, not interested.  My next project of that sort is for the IBM 1410.

Kip Koon <computerdoc at sc.rr.com> wrote:

>Hi Jay, 
>I don't know if you are into Motorola microcontrollers or not, but I'm looking for an IP core for the MC68HC11K Microcontroller as I can't find the actual chip on ebay.  Would you be interested in implementing this microcontroller in VHDL?  I'm trying to learn VHDL, but my many projects keep wanting my time.  :)  I believe there is plenty of reference material for you to use.  I've collected some documentation myself that I would be happy to share if need be.  Please let me know what you think.  Take care my friend.
>Kip Koon
>computerdoc at sc.rr.com
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>> Subject: PDP-1 in Verilog (Incomplete) + More
>> Hi all,
>> At the time I've released my DG NOVA in Verilog I was also working on a
>> PDP-1 in Verilog. Since I haven't
>> touched the thing for quite some time I've decided to just release it before it catches dust. So far it can execute all kinds of programs,
>> limitation is that they may not use IO as I haven't implemented the latter yet. (So essentially the same state as my DG NOVA
>> implementation) It also supports optionally some PDP-1D features in the OPR and SKP instruction groups. Interrupts are implemented
>> but untested. I'm not sure in which state I left the IOT controller if it works then both SBS and SBS16 might be usable.
>> TL;DR: https://github.com/Jside/pdp1
>> The RCA110 was the project I was working on before I started the DG NOVA, it can execute some instructions but there is to much
>> ambiguity in the reference manual on bitsavers in some cases which led me to abandon it. Especially since there is no software to
>> cross-check.
>> So for reference you can get it here:
>> https://github.com/Jside/rca110
>> I wanted to mess around a bit with Chisel (a new HDL language used by the RISCV project) so here is the start of a CDC160 (currently
>> only the instruction decoder):
>> https://github.com/Jside/cdc160
>> I've also uploaded my DG NOVA to Github: https://github.com/Jside/nova1
>> MC14500B anyone? http://janadelsbach.com/soft/mc14500b.tar
>> I will occasionally continue working on both the NOVA and PDP-1 (and maybe CDC160?). Also pull requests are welcome.
>> As is obvious I *really* like implementing old computers in HDL languages but I always get stuck around IO since for any kind of
>> flexibility as with an emulator I essentially would need to write a bus wrapper so that a (soft-core) processor executing Linux running
>> an IO server could handle i.e. hard disks and magnetic tapes and that's I think really not worth it. So I might just go over and contribute
>> to an emulator/simulator like SIMH if I'm in an must-implement-an-old-computer/processor mood ;).
>> Regards,
>> Jan

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