Holy mother of pearl. 25000 for an 026

William Donzelli wdonzelli at gmail.com
Sat Jun 6 12:28:49 CDT 2015

> On the one hand the 25K is ridiculously excessive; on the other I'm surprised you were able to obtain one for so little, even in poor condition, and there was so little bidding.
> Replacing the missing keycaps may be difficult, but it otherwise looks quite recoverable.

The main IBM keypunches (026, 029, and 129) are sort of like Teletypes
- yes, they have respectable value, but there are still a whole lot of
chances to get into a "right place, right time" situation and get them
for nothing. At this point, I have started to pass them by, unless it
they are super easy to get.

The variants, on the other hand, are very difficult to find, as are
verifiers and non-IBM keypunches.


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