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Tue Jun 9 16:48:39 CDT 2015

remember Varian  also made scientific instruments that had   computers 
lasted to them and probably used   dec  when  they  were not making their own 
mini Ed#  _www.smecc.org_ (  
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On  2015-06-09 23:15, tony duell wrote:
>>> DEC was very keen on its  OEM business and if the order was big enough 
would allow some variation  in
>>> colours but would not allow the dec logo to be removed or  changed.
>> I’m not sure if that’s completely true.  I  remember a PDP11 (11/45 
probably) at the University of Illinois,  around
> I am pretty sure I once saw a PDP8/e which was  absolutely normal 
internally, but where the front panel was
> green (as  were the switch handles) and it was badged 'Varian'. I don't 
remember a  Digital logo on the
> front anywhere.

WTF? Varian was a  competitor of DEC. They made minis themselves. Sounds 
extremely strange  that one would take a DEC mini, and put a Varian badge 
on it. Did someone  try to make a joke?


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