Altos ACS 8000-15A

Ian McLaughlin ian at
Mon Jun 15 15:56:25 CDT 2015

All zeroes is really strange - a blank EPROM is all ones, so it’s not that it got exposed to UV light.


> On Jun 15, 2015, at 1:52 PM, Chris Osborn <fozztexx at> wrote:
> Found a single 2716 EPROM on the Altos and pulled it out and read it in with my MiniPro TL866CS and it comes back as entirely 00. Since that seemed pretty odd I grabbed another 2716 out of an old Nintendo board and it reads fine, so I'm pretty sure the TL866CS can read 2716.
> I have a feeling the Altos isn't going to work without proper data on the EPROM. :-) I guest the first challenge is getting a copy of what the ROM is supposed to contain, and the second will be burning it. Anyone happen to have an image of the ROM for an Altos 8500 board?
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