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Paul Anderson useddec at
Thu Jun 18 01:59:41 CDT 2015

Sorry Rod, I'll try to shoot you pricing/availability later this week.

On Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 12:49 AM, Rod Smallwood <
rodsmallwood52 at> wrote:

> Hi Guys
> I'm just about done sending first batch front panels
> Needless to say I have had some feed back on reqirements.
> As  well  as  the variations of 8/e panels, 8/f 8/i 8/L and 8/m have been
> mentioned.
> ;
> Of these the 8/f seemed like a good place to start. I have the white
> border and DEC logo in place.
> When it came to the address an interesting issue arose.
> DEC used their own font,  It can be identified like this
> The letter a is formed by a circle with a vertical bar on the right hand
> side.
> This font is used for titles and the like in handbooks of this period.
> I'm going to have go at building this font as a nornal windows font and
> adding it those available on windows.
> If anybody has  aready done this I'd like to hear from them.
> I'm on holiday from 25-JUN-2015  to 2-JUL-2015.
> We go to the big Ham Radio meeting in Friedrichshafen every year.
> I should be able to do email but not much else
> Finally I am in need of the following cards for my 8/e
> -- M8330 - KK8E Timing board (system clock)
> -- M8340 \_ optional KE8E EAE board 1
> -- M8341 /  optional KE8E EAE board 2
> xx M8310 \_ KK8E CPU control (/I already have this/)
> -- M8300 /  KK8E CPU registers
> -- M837  - KM8E or MC8E extended Memory & Time Share control
> Can I get a basic system up without the 8340/41 and the M837?
> If yes then I just need the M8330 AND M8300
> _Can you help bring my 8/e back to life?_
> Rod Smallwood

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