What are the differences between the DEC RP11-C and RP11-E controllers?

P Gebhardt p.gebhardt at ymail.com
Mon Jun 22 15:24:28 CDT 2015

Hi list,

the subject sais it all: While seeking for information on the RP11-C on the web (I saved a RP03 from being scrapped 3 years ago), I came across a hint, that there was also a RP11-E controller. At least using google, there is practically not a single information/document on the RP11-E other than its existence in the past. Is the difference maybe just a different input voltage specification (110V vs. 220V)?

Who knows anything on the difference between the C- and the E-type, Google doesn't? :)
I'd be happy on any hints.

Kind regards,

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