1990 Era computer room

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Wed Jun 24 01:27:11 CDT 2015

the only one that  did the hi speed reduced  cols   was  that table  top  
80 col one  for dataproduicts that I know   of.  our  larger  ones did  not.
by the way that  small dataproducts also  had a  floor  pedestal that made 
it a tall tower and  you  could open   door  for  paper box...  
http://www.smecc.org/hewlett_packard/hewlet10.gif   you can  one of  ours  
here....  form eons ago 
this photo was all  stuff  for  parts sale    we  have  rooms  for  off 
this stuff.... wish  we  have  more of  it  left
ed sharpe
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Also I  don't recall the Data Products ever scaling as fast by 
restricting  columns.  At least our 2230, 2260 and 2290 UC only and 96 
character  set printers didn't.  Got the same speed regardless of the 
columns on  those Data Products printers.  They were drum, as were the 
Data  Printers, but apparently the hammer logic vs. the line feed was not  
coupled as far a speeding up with fewer  columns.


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