HP 2113e Battery resistor

J. David Bryan jdbryan at acm.org
Mon Jun 22 23:06:11 CDT 2015

On Monday, June 22, 2015 at 11:44, Marc Verdiell wrote:

> Now if I can find similar cells I will be able to reconstruct the pack
> inside the same shell.

Ni-Cds are still available from Allied Electronics, Mouser Electronics, and 
others, although they are declining in availability compared to a few years 

Before investing in a set of batteries, it'd be worthwhile to verify that 
you do have the required battery cards inside your power supply:

 - 5060-8347 Battery Control I PCA
 - 5060-8353 Battery Control II PCA
 - 5060-8346 Battery Output PCA

...as the "12944A Power Fail Recovery System" containing the above card set 
and the battery box and pack was an option to the standard CPU 

> Thanks again.

You're welcome.

                                      -- Dave

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