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Johnny Billquist wrote:

> On 2015-06-24 02:06, Mark J. Blair wrote:
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> >>On Jun 23, 2015, at 09:32 , Holm Tiffe <holm at> wrote:
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> >>1)
> >>Yes they copied the PDP11 and the VAX.... but, They made an VAX Chip 
> >>that's
> >>compatible to the VAX730...and we all know that the VAX730 ist not an one
> >>chip solution as the russian chip is.
> >
> >Ooh! Is there any chance I could get my hands on one of those single-chip 
> >VAX730 "clone" machines? That sounds quite cool.
> Well, unless I'm mistaken, when the Russian VAX-11/730 on a chip came, 
> DEC had already produced the uVAX II, which is also just a chip, but 
> much faster than an 11/730, so it's not exactly as if the Russians were 
> outperforming what DEC was doing... Exactly when did this Russian chip 
> come out, by the way? Curious on exactly how far DEC had come at the 
> time of that chip. :-)
> 	Johnny
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That wasn't the question at all Johnny.
I wanted to make clear that not all clones are clones.
I have an Elektronika 60 which is something like an 11/03 clone
but it isn't a clone. It has a Q-BUS with connecteors like DECs
original but with metric pin raster. Boards are bigger and the used
chips and the schematics are totally different in most cases.S

My memory confused the VAX730 with the VAX750...

The machine is a development of it's own conforming some of the DEC Specs
so that the original Software can run on that thing (E60).
(The console SLU is a quad size board build from only TTL)
The same happened with that VAX730 Chip, it was developed from only 10
people following the DEC reference manual. gives halfways readable results from
the translation of the web frame from russian to english.

..for PDP11 like processors:

I have a file with the internal Schematics (!) of the K1801VM2 processor,
a PDP11 running w/o MMU at 10Mhz. There is also a 1801VM3 with internal


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