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Tue Sep 1 11:23:14 CDT 2015

On 9/1/2015 8:22 AM, Ali wrote:
>> I'm not surprised by those quotes (and Freightquote is in the ballpark
>> for pallet loads that can't be top-loaded.)
> Okay, good to know I am not getting fleeced. I am actually okay with
> FreightQuote but the problem is the seller is very hesitant to palletize the
> item. If I can get him to get it on a pallet that might be the best.
>> You could try but be very careful you fully specify
>> everything you want and don't expect anything you don't agree with
>> (like must be shipped inside or tarped, if you can't load/unload then
>> they need to do so, etc.)
> I've been a bit hesitant going to uship because of the damn AMC show. I
> understand they probably have some of the bigger idiots on the show but the
> things they do is just amazingly idiotic... With them do I need to worry
> about having a dock or delivery to door or is that expected? I would specify
> "no top load, in cab or covered for the total duration of transport,
> strapped so it does not roll/move, and no loading/unloading." Anything else
> that I should worry about?
>> Freight companies will pick up and drop off from your location but if
>> it's residential then usually on the street (it's up to you to get it
>> on and off the truck usually.)  This is because they usually send an
>> 18-wheeler.
> It is not so heavy that we cannot bring it off the truck with myself and the
> driver (assuming they do that). I can then just use a dolly from the street
> or roll it on its built in wheels.
The driver won't do it.  And they won't be happy if you are not there 
ready to move when they come by.

The freight companies have entirely different divisions or companies 
that deliver from freight terminals to terminus locations and the 
drivers who run the trucks are just charged with moving the trailers 
from terminals to terminals or as he says here, sometimes other 
locations.  But they usually want dock high places to unload, and seldom 
will leave trailers for you to unload (if you have a full trailer).

If you can get it palletized and delivered to a freight terminal at the 
far end, and want to save a buck on the shipping and control that 
youself, look for a "Less than load" quote from the larger lines, like 
YRC and ABF and the like.  At your end you will get the unit at the 
nearest freight terminal for the line you choose.  I have a google maps 
link to one in Orange California I've used.  They won't hold your 
delivery there long, but there are usually ways to get a pallet either 
onto another dock high vehicle, they frequently have a pickup truck high 
dock, or the will have ramps down to ground level you can go to and load 
onto a lift gate truck, or whatever.

look at the google search for "abf freight less than load" page and it 
will make quotes for you to examine the rates.  You'll have to guess or 
know the weight, but you should already know the locations.  The extra 
you need at the shipping end is the outfit to pick up the desk, and band 
it on a pallet.  Make sure they will shield it properly as if they band 
it as they should have to, it will make big spots in the finish if not 
done correctly.

And when you get the freight quote make sure you make it clear it can't 
be stacked.  They can't always make provisions to put in a LTL item on 
the top of the truck.

Remember you are dealing with multiple entities here the local delivery 
place at the far end, the freight line, then your delivery service, 
which you will do yourself possibly.


Here is the ABF LTL site.

>> If it's residential then you need to tell them that and you'll pay more
>> (generally about $75 more in my experience.)  This is so they'll send a
>> liftgate truck and will call to make a delivery appt.
> I can do either (i.e. residential vs. business) but as I said we do not have
> a dock at the business either. Of course there are three or four works
> available at any time to just manually unload it if they will let us.
> Thanks for all the advice Todd.
> -Ali

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