Somewhat OT: Freighting Items

Ali cctalk at
Wed Sep 2 10:14:02 CDT 2015

> If you can get it palletized and delivered to a freight terminal at the
> far end, and want to save a buck on the shipping and control that
> youself, look for a "Less than load" quote from the larger lines, like
> YRC and ABF and the like.  At your end you will get the unit at the
> nearest freight terminal for the line you choose.  I have a google maps
> link to one in Orange California I've used.  They won't hold your
> delivery there long, but there are usually ways to get a pallet either
> onto another dock high vehicle, they frequently have a pickup truck
> high dock, or the will have ramps down to ground level you can go to
> and load onto a lift gate truck, or whatever.


Thanks for the excellent info. I checked with a few people and interestingly
the biggest saving came from Craters and Freighters - $300 if the seller
drops it off with them. Surprisingly no savings if I were to pickup myself
or have them deliver it with a lift gate truck to my residence. So they are
my backup especially if I cannot get the seller to pack this thing properly.
He is hesitant to do it which I understand so I am going to check a few more
prices today and tomorrow and if nothing else at least I have options...

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