Jay West jwest at
Tue Sep 1 16:48:39 CDT 2015

VCFMW is over, and I wanted to give a huge CONGRATS to Jason for the
resulting show that he put on. Most of you will recall it was originally at
Purdue, then was moved to Heron Point (IL). That venue was no longer
available, so Jason scouted out a new venue (Holiday Inn) in Elk Grove
Village, IL. Simply put, the show could not have gone better. The facilities
were top-notch, a fairly good restaurant attached, and it worked out very
well. I - as well as a few others - were extremely grateful for the big
double doors that enter the venue directly from the parking lot (with no
'bumps') for bringing in "big iron", and there was pretty AMPle electrical
service for my HP2000 as well as Ian's 11/23 (and a handful of pdp-8's as
well). Not to mention all the other exhibits. power wasn't a problem. I've
always enjoyed the show at Heron Point, but this year the "bar was raised".
Kudos to Jason!


There was of course a substantial commodore and some apple presence, and I
really enjoyed seeing how many of those folks are taking those machines
"into the modern age". My own personal favorite exhibit was DJ's ASR 33
Teletype (a fully working mint condition restoration - GREAT JOB DJ), and
the altair 680 and accessories that were driving it. While that was my
favorite exhibit, every exhibit had something to offer. I like the altoids
can 1802 :)


I've been to VCF west, as well as VCF east, and they are both great events.
I personally make a point of getting to VCFMW every year, and look forward
to the event next year. I highly encourage folks that have not been to a
VCFMW yet to give it a shot. Bring something to exhibit, or just take in the
show; enjoy the comradery and meet new folks as well. 


Jason - fantastic job, it was a great event!







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