Problem with RF73 DSSI disk

Glen Slick glen.slick at
Fri Sep 4 11:19:30 CDT 2015

I just acquired a KA640 VAX in a BA215 (thanks Josh) which has one
working RF30 and one dead RF30 with failure code 300B(X). I don't have
copies of any manuals which list the error codes. I just figure at
this point that the drive is dead and there is nothing that can be
done to try to fix it.

The working 150MB RF30 is too small for a useful VMS system although
it would be a decent size if I set up the system as a PDP-11 with an
M7554-PB KDJ11-SB CPU instead of the VAX KA640.

For VMS use I would either set up this system with a CMD Q-Bus SCSI
controller, or use an HSD10 in a BA350 to connect SCSI disks to the
DSSI controller.

Starting DUP server...
Copyright © 1988  Digital Equipment Corporation
DRVEXR V1.1  D  5-MAY-1989 13:18:42
DRVTST V1.1  D  5-MAY-1989 13:18:42
HISTRY V1.0  D  5-MAY-1989 13:18:42
ERASE  V1.3  D  5-MAY-1989 13:18:42
PARAMS V1.2  D  5-MAY-1989 13:18:42
DIRECT V1.0  D  5-MAY-1989 13:18:42
End of directory

Task Name? PARAMS
Copyright © 1988  Digital Equipment Corporation


  Node R3Q0UA is an RF30 controller
  Software RFX V103 built on  5-MAY-1989 13:18:42
  Electronics module name is ZG95105350
  Unit is inoperative, error code 300B(X)
  Last known unit failure code 300B(X)
  In 100000 power-on hours, power has cycled 216 times
  System time is  5-MAY-1989 13:21:44

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