Is tape dead?

Richard Loken richardlo at
Mon Sep 14 17:56:15 CDT 2015

The death of tape is greatly exagerated.

My duties today included removing 50 tapes from our Storagetek 500 tape
library and sending them offsite for safe storage.  These are LTO-5
cartridges that can hold up to 30 Tbyte of compressed data and it can be
written on the tape with astonishing speed.

On the other hand, my employer is bored with 40Gbyte DLT cartriges because
40Gbyte is little more than a SSSD 5-1/4" floppy disk these days so I now
can have them for free.  I have a DLT4000 backing up my toy OpenVMS box here
at the office and another DLT4000 backing up my toy FreeBSD box at home.
As for cartidges, I am overwelmed with media - including three unopened
cartons of NIB DLT-IV cartridges.

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