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Well then we have hp 3000 stuff from 23 years ago... Was  then.. But soon we will see if these tape sets live.. it will be good if so as there is hp software  of unique  nature  that only existed being saved on our tape sets..... then there  is the older hp 2000 stuff....  5 fascinating unique things  some were rewritten for 3000. But a few not and if you want ron on a 2000 you can not go backwards. ..need more hp2000 and 3000 hardware help!  Ed#

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On 09/16/2015 11:20 AM, Al Kossow wrote:
> On 9/16/15 11:15 AM, couryhouse wrote:
>> We have 10 years of backups.ed#
> ever verified them?

Mine go back to sometime around 1980.  I have customer records that go 
back to 1987.  Curiously, we got a note from a fellow needing an update 
to CopyQM.  He registered his product in 1992.  We found it and provided 
him with a 1999 update--the last we did before the sale of the software 
(the terms of sale allow us to support existing customers).

Just keep carrying the stuff forward.  I've even provided other authors 
with copies of their own source code after they'd lost track of it.

You never know when having complete archives will come in handy.  But 
you already know that, Al!


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