ESR Meter Recommendations

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Essentially these are two different measurements meant to measure a different property of the capacitor. Capacitors have many properties, many we know such as capacitance, working voltage, temp coefficient, etc. Add to that list both leakage current (parallel resistance) and ESR (series resistance). They tell you different things about the capacitor's behavior.

Hope this helps.

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    > to model this using ideal components, we show a resistor in parallel to
    > the capacitor ... This modeled parallel resistor represents the leakage
    > current.
    > ...
    > because it is not ideal, some power is dissipated. This dissipated
    > power is represented by a series resistance. Because an idealized
    > circuit with a cap and a resistor in series will not pass DC current,
    > this circuit must be tested at AC.

So I'm slightly confused; you talk about the model being a parallel resistor (which I get), but then switch to a series resistor. Why the switch?


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