Still looking for: Nova 800/1200 power supplies

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Sun Apr 10 21:19:09 CDT 2016

Hi all --

Nearly two years back I picked up some Nova 800/1200 gear, mostly in 
pieces.  I've been trying to track down power supplies for these for 
awhile, thought I'd try asking here again and see if I have any better 
luck this time :).  Both chassis are the "Jumbo" variety, and take two 
power supplies each -- one that provides +/-5 and +/-15 and another that 
just supplies dual +5. At the moment I have just one power supply -- a 
dual +5 supply.

I also only have one of the "DGC NOVA RESISTOR BD" boards that are the 
go-betweens between the backplane and the power supply -- the 52-pin 
edge connector from the supply plugs into this board, and the board 
plugs into the backplane.  I need at least one more of these...

It's relatively unlikely, but if anyone happens to have any 800/1200 
power supplies going spare, in any condition, drop me a line.

Thanks again,

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