Vintage Computer Festivals???

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Mon Apr 18 14:54:35 CDT 2016

> Which is the better "It was a well run show" or "I saw a guy who
> rebuilt an 029 card punch"

It depends on what your goal is.

If you're trying to run something fleamarketish for those already at
least partly inside the hobby, probably the latter.

If you're trying to attract new people to the hobby...well, it strikes
me as at least plausible that it's the former.

But I don't think our hobby will ever be very mainstream, and indeed
I'm not sure it even makes sense, since so much of what makes us
distinctive is that we play with non-mainstream or no-longer-mainstream
stuff.  So it seems to me that trying to attract the mainstream is
going to either fail or end up producing something very different.
(Not that something different is necessarily bad, of course, but it is,
well, _different_, not what we here have.)  Most/all of us got here
without being wowed in the mainstream sense by a classic computer show,
after all.

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