Vintage Computer Festivals???

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Mon Apr 18 17:44:28 CDT 2016

I brought some friends with me to VCF East this year. It was their first
VCF East, and first VCF. Two of them help run "share their collection with
the public at large for fun" type events down in Chesapeake Virignia with
the public library and also the computer museum at MAGFest. Another friend 
was blown away that Stewart Cheifet was at VCF east (he agreed to go but 
never looked at schedule) and was also excited to meet the guy behind the 
BBS Documentary and Get Lamp.

One friend is pretty cheap, penny pincher. He has a pretty large
collection of game systems and some classic computers, but started into it 
before the big run-up in prices.

I think I listened to him hem and haw and mentally debate himself over the
TI/99 4A PEB thing for sale for 3 hours. The proprietary PC CD-ROM maybe
got 30 minutes. Kind of amusing, to a point. He had never really coded in 
BASIC, and Friday he jumped in and tried to write stuff on the Apple II 
during the game thing on Friday.

We ended up visiting 2 or 3 thrift stores in the general area (and got my
picture and bought some snacks at the Quick Stop from the movie "Clerks"
which isn't too far from Asbury P!) Silverball pinball museum was another
must-do and this year I noticed a bunch of other VCF'ers there. My friends
talked me into driving to NJ near NYC on Sunday to visit a retail game
store. Friends picked up ~10 Coleco Adam tapes, TI/99 carts, and a few
oddities for Oddysey/Intellavision and maybe some other systems. The only
thing I would be interested in was boxed Space Quest III and Coleco Vision
controllers, the DigitPress store didn't have those.

The swap meet aspect is valued with regards to trying to fill in 

Action packed weekend!

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