Vintage Computer Festivals???

Evan Koblentz cctalk at
Mon Apr 18 17:03:30 CDT 2016

> In general, to have VCF shows relegate those folks to the vendor
> hall just removes good potential exhibits from the show.

"Relegate" isn't a fair word, Jim. The sales area is * right next to * 
the exhibits area. All I'm saying is we do not want to confuse the 
audience. They need to understand that here are entertaining demos and 
over there are things to buy. When I was young my father always took me 
to antique car shows. It's the perfect analogy for our hobby. Over here 
you have rows and rows of beautiful old cars shining in the sun (of 
course at VCF the equipment is running, not just sitting there!), and 
over on the other side you've got people selling stuff. These shows 
appeal to a much wider audience than just the people who actually buy 
antique cars.

> In the end, given VCF East's stance, I think if I attend in 2017, I'll
> just make up an exhibit of my wares, be in the exhibit hall, and just
> tell people to meet me at lunch or after the show to buy the stuff.

That's fine.

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