[OT] eBay tale (Was: Re: flea markets (was Re: Vintage Computer Festivals???))

Mark J. Blair nf6x at nf6x.net
Wed Apr 20 11:52:50 CDT 2016

> On Apr 20, 2016, at 09:48, Ali <cctalk at ibm51xx.net> wrote:
> Honestly, I don't think we need anything fancy to sell. We could simply
> start another mailing list and people could post items for sale w/ asking
> prices and negotiations can be done privately over email. Easy peasy. What
> do you think?

Well, we already have this list and the marketplace sub-forums over at VCF. I don't necessarily see the need for yet another venue unless we're going to make a real effort to bring in buyers and sellers who are not already well-connected in our hobby, like random non-computer-interested folks selling off dear departed Dad's old C64.

Mark J. Blair, NF6X <nf6x at nf6x.net>

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