Finding classic computers in the UK

Aaron Jackson aaron at
Mon Apr 25 09:20:33 CDT 2016

I can't speak for Sinclair and Amstrad, but aquiring BBC Micros in the
UK is incredibly easy. There are many of them and a huge number of them
are still working flawlessly.

Roughly ten years ago I was secondary school.  I noticed a BBC Master
128 had disappeared from one of the maths classrooms. I immediately went
to ask the IT guys what happened to it. They told me they were getting
rid of them so I asked for one. Still working to this day, dual 5.25"
disk. Only issue is the CMOS battery, which I have not bothered to

There are usually quite a few on eBay for an acceptable price.


ethan at writes:

>> Dave is right, I have bagged the VT220 and will be collecting it soon. They
>> are indeed quite hard to come by. Perhaps you could offer the university a
>> swap for their VT220? I mean a PC with putty on it might suit their needs
>> just as well.
>> You don't say where you are in the UK. I only ask because occasionally I end
>> up with too much stuff and look to pass things on (free if I got them for
>> free).
>> Regards
>> Rob
> How hard is it to get things like Sinclair Spectrum, BBC Micro and 
> Amdstrad CPC type computers?
>  				- Ethan (USA)
> --
> Ethan O'Toole

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