VAX file format conversion

Douglas Taylor dj.taylor4 at
Thu Aug 11 15:08:39 CDT 2016

I have a MicroVax 4000 that I am trying to update the license PAKs on, 
the last time I had valid PAKs on this machine was in 2002 (Hobbyist 

I registered and have received the new Hobbyist License PAKs.

I connected a laptop and transferred the text file using C-Kermit on the 
VAX and hyperterminal on the laptop.

When I go to execute the file, I get an error:


%RMS-W-RTB 512 bye record to large for user buffer

It appears that when the file was transferred it showed up on the vax 
with fixed length records of 512 bytes, not variable length.

Can I convert the file on the VAX?

Is there a setting for C-Kermit that I need to change?

Is Hyperterminal screwing things up?


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