Kermit version compatibility.

Charles Anthony at
Sat Aug 13 18:55:23 CDT 2016

Multics 12.6 has a Kermit program; the history log in the source indicate
that it written circa 1984 and last modified circa 1990.

My local host runs CKermit 9.0, circa 2015.

They do not play nice; some Kermit protocol change is causing high packet
retry rates, timeouts and sometimes complete confusion.

Going back through the CKermit source archives, I find that once I can get
CKermit 5 to build, it works like a champ.

That isn't a good solution; for e.g. getting V5 to work under OS/X would
probably be a big issue.

CKermit has a ton of SET options; rather then trying them randomly to see
if I can make it compatible, I thought I'd inquire if anyone had the
misfortune to be so well versed in Kermit arcana that they would know what
settings would get CKermit V9 to behave like V5, or at least some ideas on
the best route to pursue.

-- Charles

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