can anyone identify this terminal keyboard and pcb?

Sun Aug 14 17:15:56 CDT 2016

Yes Al, That is a green  Frog!  Cool!  glad    at  least one still 
exists...  I  am in hopes there  is   still in one of  existing in one the aux  
buildings  here... I  should  display  some Courier  stuff.

the  later model was all while and  had a detachable  keyboard.

We had a surplus  electronics dealer  would   try to  sell them to 
unsuspecting college  students as terminals to be used   with DEC  system on 
campus...  as I  remember they   were  for use  with IBM  systems.
ITT ASCIISCOPE  was a good old self  contained   ASCII  terminal and modem 
ALL UPPER CASE... in the early 80s  sold them fast   as we  could  get 
All the  electronics scrappers and  the  few  of us  that dealt in computer 
stuff  would  go to the ITT  sales...
One of my best things was  the palate loads of power cord  that  were new . 
 I  bid and got and sold  to Bill  Godbout...  -  ah the early 80s! I met 
Bill at a computer show in san  Jose as I remember  run by John Craig that 
had  the  59 el Camino  ( I think I have the name right?  correct me!?))
I saved I  think 100 figuring that was as  many as we   would  need  for 
Courier also   had the  contract to   make the  first  McDonalds   point of 
 order   terminals   all of  us  scrapped  lots of those   too....      did 
anyone save one?
You never know what was  going to be at a Courier  scrap sale...  tools, 
pcbs   terminals, cable on  the wood reels...  
This was an interesting era and the early  80s I think I hauled  lots  of 
scrap...  at the   end of  79 started  the  business  with  100 bucks and an 
empty  van.   sold  surplus  dg and dec  stuff piecemeal and  some  
interdata and what ever I  could  drag in..
Once  I  got the HP-2000 timeshare system that was  the real  game 
changer...  it  put us in the hp parts biz  to support our  own system and then 83? 
84  became  HP PC dealers  still  sold  2000 and 1000 stuff and designed  
boards  for  them....  got into the 3000 line  ...
I suspect the  board you have Al , if  courier, with the plug in  modem,   
was  surplused after I was  going to  sales...   all I ever   got there were 
the while  IBM  ones and the green  frogs....  the ASCIISCOPEs  that were  
floating around  town may have come surplus   into the market but  just 
slightly before i was going to auctions there or they were  just   some off 
lease stuff   from some of the lease companies that floated  into consumer 
circle  and we would end up buying one  every once in a  while

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> I  am looking for the old  green terminals  we used to call green   frogs

we got one a couple years  ago

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