Mosaic 4.0 for openVMS

Richard Loken rlloken at
Sat Feb 6 17:43:35 CST 2016

Gentlemen, I stumbled across a reference to Mosaic 4.0 for VMS dated 2006.

I ran Mosaic on my VMS workstation around 1994 and had abandoned it long
ago first for Netscape 3.0.3 and later for Seamonkey.

I did not know that there was any development on Mosaic in recent decades
I found Seamonkey to be glacially slow on AlphaServer 4100 "desktop" and
so I have not attempted to do much web browsing on VMS in recent years.

So...  Is Mosaic 4.0 useful in 2016?  Is it more useful than Seamonkey?
Netscape?  AFAIR, HP had a port of Firefox to IA64 VMS but not to Alpha,
has anybody been so burdened with spare time that they have attempted
to port firefox to Alpha or VAX VMS?  Or any other web browser?

I hope to attempt a port of the heritage version of nroff/troff to VMS
some time in the next couple years (I think groff would be much more 
difficult).  But that is a differant subject.

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