Preferred way of substituting TFT for CRT Monitor?

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Fri Jan 15 06:37:27 CST 2016

> All I have are modern TFT monitors which usually have VGA and/or DVI inputs,$

> What is the preferred way to connect "old" composite video signals to a mode$

Please don't use paragraph-length lines.

Any monitor that takes DE-15 ("VGA") or DVI-A input is, electrically
speaking, taking R-G-B signals; passive adapters exist (I've seen them
from DE-15 with 13W3 and 4BNC on the other end; I'm sure plenty of
others exist).  (Be careful with DVI; there are at least two kinds of
DVI, and it's just DVI-A, AIUI, that fits this description.)

Interpolation is not unavoidable.  The better flatscreens have a way to
tell the monitor to letterbox rather than scale signals whose
resolution is less than the monitor's.  _Good_ flatscreens have an
option to scale by the largest _integer_ factor possible, thus getting
image size without losing sharp pixel edges or aspect ratio.  (It's
depressing how advances in monitor technology have improved things to
the point where monitors routinely refuse to do what pretty much any
CRT monitor from decades past would.)

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