Preferred way of substituting TFT for CRT Monitor?

nierveze nierveze at
Fri Jan 15 06:10:33 CST 2016

this circuit
separate sync signals from composite video,it may help you with some 
level adjustement,to apply your composite video to vga screens
maybe you can find commercial products on ebay but it will be more 
expensive ....
best regards
alain Nierveze

Le 15/01/2016 12:39, Martin.Hepperle at a écrit :
> I have got a HP 9000/217 machine with a standard video card. This card has a monochrome composite output (resolution is as low as about 512x400, but I might replace it with a higher resolution card). A small 9" HP monitor that I used for testing only shows me 2 or 3 bands of the image and cannot capture the signal properly.
> All I have are modern TFT monitors which usually have VGA and/or DVI inputs, no separate R-G-B or monochrome jacks.
> What is the preferred way to connect "old" composite video signals to a modern TFT monitor without losing too much sharpness? I understand that interpolation is an unavoidable problem.
> Searching the internet did not give me a clear answer. Do you have any recommendations?
> Thank you, Martin

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