Non-baking cure for sticky shed? (being serious for a moment)

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Mon Jan 18 10:56:16 CST 2016

On 1/18/2016 11:33 AM, Jon Elson wrote:
> There was a tape sold by a few 
> manufacturers (I think 3M's was called 
> Black Watch) that had a coarse black 
> matte finish on the back side.  A 
> problem with some drives which had 
> fast rewind speeds was that air was 
> trapped in the tape wind, and then 
> once a bunch more layers of tape was 
> wound on the reel, the tape wrap would 
> cinch and fold over a piece of tape.  
> This matte finish was supposed to cure 
> that, and I think it did.  But, that 
> finish was not as durable as the 
> magnetic coating, and would start to 
> shed all over the drive, leaving stuff 
> on the data surface.  I think about 5 
> years after the stuff came out, most 
> data centers searched out and trashed 
> all these tapes.
> Jon

Interesting.  I just happen to have a 3M 
Black Watch tape right here next to me 
that I'm using to test a Mark 300 tape 
cleaning machine.   The tape so far is 
fine, not shedding anything front or back.

- J.

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