Building the Ultimate Classic Mac.

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Sun Jul 17 15:20:42 CDT 2016

And SheepShaver is an option to run Classic/Mac OS apps on Intel based Mac OS X 


On 07/17/16 02:56 PM, COURYHOUSE at wrote:
> that is interesting to know the old os can be  run under the  newer.
> I am confused on some of the G5 stuff.
> there is a real early one that has non intel processor
> then there is a  1.1  ( i have one too) but you can not upgrade  to the
> latest os (bummer)
> then there is the G% 3  or 3.3  dated one that   will  run currect os  too.
> is there a way to force the 1.1 one to run currest os  somehow!?
> Ed#
> In a message dated 7/17/2016 12:47:17 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time,
> cmhanson at writes:
> On Jul  15, 2016, at 1:49 PM, Austin Pass <austinpass at>  wrote:
>> I have several G5's, but am at a loss as to what to do with  them. If
> they supported classic Mac OS I'd have one up and running in a  heartbeat.
> You can't boot MacOS 9 on them, but you can run Classic  under 10.4 on a G5
> and it screams.
> --  Chris

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