Power cable identification

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On 2016-Jun-25, at 8:09 PM, Josh Dersch wrote:
> What is the name of the rounded, 3-pin power connector often seen on early test equipment (I've seen it on older HP and Fluke stuff)?

>  I have an S-100 chassis that inexplicably uses one, despite dating from 1982 or so.  

Is it a Cromemco? Inexplicable is right. The Cromemco Z2 S100 chassis from 1978 used them, I don't know what they were thinking using it that late, unless they got a deal on a mass clearout.


Are you sure it was a Cromemco Z2? If so, it must have been a really old one; I've seen quite a few Z2s in my time and they all had/have modern IEC type line cord connectors.


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