OT: lenses (Was: Front Panels - PDP8 and PDP 11

Marco Gariboldi mgariboldi at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 05:54:34 CST 2016

2016-03-12 0:06 GMT+01:00 Roland Schregle <roland.schregle at gmail.com>:

> Have the Tessar on a 3.5B (aka MX-EVS). Excellent expect when wide open as
> mentioned here, though I wouldn't call it entry level. I think Zeiss made
> an earlier, sub-standard lens (Biotar ?) for Rollei before they could
> deliver 75mm Tessars.

Biotar sub-standard?  Germans happily used them on their film cameras,
rather extensively during WW II.  I think you might be thinking of the Jena
(GDR) Biometar instead, which later became known as Pentacon.

> Somebody mentioned the Zeiss ZM line for Leica. Have the f/2.8 35mm Biogon
> and the f/2 50mm Planar for my M3 and M2. These perform very close to the
> original Leitz glass, but are at least affordable for mere mortals.

Indeed and, more importantly, I'm very happy with my Biogon.  Plus, that
blue orb also looks nice.

 - MG

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