Rolm Computers: 1602, 1602A, 1602B, 1666, MSExx (was Data General Nova Star Trek)

Erik Baigar erik at
Tue May 3 15:22:28 CDT 2016

>> IIRC we sold a bunch of 1666Bs to the US Navy in YUK/something
>> nomenclature).
> 1666s are known as AN/UYK-64.

Yes and the 1602 was the AN/UYK-19.

> land and ship installations, thus the "U". If they were primarily for
> aircraft installations, they would have been "AN/A**" and not "AN/U**"
> (and also not so freaking heavy!).

Just out of curiosity: Is there an explanation, what the other
letters Y and K mean?


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