Rolm Computers: 1602, 1602A, 1602B, 1666, MSExx (was Data General Nova Star Trek)

Erik Baigar erik at
Tue May 3 15:29:49 CDT 2016

On Tue, 3 May 2016, Christian Kennedy wrote:

> On 5/3/16 12:14, William Donzelli wrote:
  [ snip ]

>> (and also not so freaking heavy!).

Yes, these are extremely heavy - the 1602 with the additional
24kW memory extension can only be transported over larger
distances using a barrow. It is not that big, but has a
density close to water ;-)

It is incredible to see, that there have been over 20 of the
Rolm processors and chassis in the aforementioned ATTAS aircraft.
And during some trials a F-16 had to carry three additinoal
Hawk/32s  ;-)

> service was a bitch -- as was coming up with something that could be
> both EMP-survivable and TEMPEST-worthy.

TEMPEST?  Not the play from Shakespeare I guess (sorry for stupid 

    Good night,


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