Replacement for a Corcom F2987A EMI Filter

Jarratt RMA robert.jarratt at
Wed May 11 16:33:58 CDT 2016

I have two failed Corcom filters in two DEC Rainbows. I see some spares
available in the US, but shipping to the UK is likely to be prohibitive and I
would like if possible to find a modern equivalent. It is this one:

I am told it isn't enough to know the current rating (2A at 240V) and that it
you need to know the source impedance (and the impedance of the load?). Does
anyone know the spec for this filter so that I can get a suitable one?

Incidentally, when I fix these PSUs, I may be wanting to pass on one of the
Rainbows. In this case it would not be free because I had to pay for it (and
drive a fair distance to get it too). The one I may pass on is in a vertical
pedestal. I may also have a third one to pass on which has a fault on the system
board, I don't have a logic analyser capable of helping me to find the fault



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