Replacement for a Corcom F2987A EMI Filter

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Fri May 13 11:10:15 CDT 2016

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> Subject: Replacement for a Corcom F2987A EMI Filter
> I have two failed Corcom filters in two DEC Rainbows. I see some spares
> available in the US, but shipping to the UK is likely to be prohibitive and I
> would like if possible to find a modern equivalent. It is this one:

I have found an original filter on ebay in the US, shipping it here would cost about the same as buying a modern replacement.

So I have a choice:

1. Fit a modern replacement, which won't fit exactly and won't look right, but will surely last a while.
2. Fit a working original, which will fit and will look right, but may fail on me.

What is the longevity of these filters like in general? I am not asking about this specific make/model, although I have two failed ones (and two that are still good).



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