COSMAC ELF switch panel v2

Jim Brain brain at
Thu May 12 22:38:29 CDT 2016

On 5/12/2016 9:58 PM, Eric Smith wrote:
> I just got the new boards:
> Differences of new version:
> * bezel is black with white legends
> * legend font is a bit larger and heavier
> * legends are above switches
> * switch PCB wiring errors fixed
> * right angle header
> * plastic caps installed on all toggles
> I assembled the new one with C&K switches that are more readily
> available (e.g., from Digi-Key and Mouser), but I don't like them as
> much. Originally I used switches with a V-bracket which makes
> alignment and assembly easier, and they have a uniform threaded
> bushing height. The more common toggle switches have a longer threaded
> bushing. This can be seen by comparing the edge-on views; for the more
> common switches without the V-bracket, the red switch body is seen.
> I'm soliciting input as to whether the switch legends should be
> changed from the vector font to a "real" font, and if so, what font
> and size is desired.
Not sure if I am completely understanding the concerns with the 
switches, but:

  * I would install the switches and run the top nut out to the very
    end, then back the inside nut up to it on the other side of the bazel
  * Once all switches are installed, then insert the board and solder.

Of course, this fails if the bezel has to be only a certain height above 
the PCB, but perhaps that is not critical and thus my idea has a chance 
of working.

I'm not your market segment, but I think a better font would be 
welcome.  I looked online for a bit, but saw no specific font that would 
have historical value, except Popular Electronics' font on the cover 
that month:


Jim Brain
brain at

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