COSMAC ELF switch panel v2

Eric Smith spacewar at
Fri May 13 01:13:49 CDT 2016

On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 9:38 PM, Jim Brain <brain at> wrote:
> Not sure if I am completely understanding the concerns with the switches,
> but:
>  * I would install the switches and run the top nut out to the very
>    end, then back the inside nut up to it on the other side of the bazel
>  * Once all switches are installed, then insert the board and solder.

Part of the problem is that with the commonly-available switches, the
push-button has a significantly shorter bushing than the toggles.

The switches I chose for the first version had the same length
bushings, and had the V-bracket that makes it easier to assemble, but
they are much harder to source.  In general, there is little selection
available when you want switches with both PCB-mount termination and a
threaded bushing, as apparently that's not a common requirement.

> I'm not your market segment, but I think a better font would be welcome.  I
> looked online for a bit, but saw no specific font that would have historical
> value, except Popular Electronics' font on the cover that month:

I wish I could find a high-res scan of that cover.  Now that I think
about it, my friend John probably has a physical issue I could borrow
and scan.

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