classics I threw away or sold ... foolishly

william degnan billdegnan at
Wed May 18 16:16:39 CDT 2016

My mom threw away my Amiga 300 when I went to college "no one was using

But I will always kick myself for not taking a Xerox 386 workstation when I
was offered to take it from work, I used it to compile form processing
applications for a salesforce of reps using GRiD laptops in doctors'
offices.  It had an optical mouse and hi-res for the time.  Along with it I
was also offered a car load of GRiD systems (8088 PLUS' I believe).

Other than that I don't regret giving away or selling things, computers
have a way of leaving you when they're ready to go.

I kind of wish I bought a Apple 1 when I had the offer to get one cheap,
before the prices went ballistic.
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