classics I threw away or sold ... foolishly

Pete Lancashire pete at
Wed May 18 16:14:00 CDT 2016

>4. Sun Voyager.

Friend who retired from Sun had a couple of them. Offered me one.
*bash* *bash* *bash*

At least I kept the prototype Sun 1


On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 1:50 PM, Swift Griggs <swiftgriggs at> wrote:
> I've stack-ranked all the classic items that I, to my everlasting shame,
> let go of at some point and now I feel like it was a mistake:
> 1. Amiga 2500. I ditched it thinking I'd pick up a 3000 then never did.
> Ugh. It was free. They were using at some radio station where I helped
> them fix their PCs but then decided I wanted their Amiga (stashed in a
> closet) to subsidize my fee.
> 2. SGI Indigo R4400 with pristine KB + mouse, Maxxed RAM, and Elan. Ugh.
> /me bangs head against wall
> 3. Mac IIci with 060' accelerator. I put the accelerator in and paid $$$
>   for it. Darn it. That was a cool system.
> 4. Sun Voyager. These go for a fortune now on Ebay. I *gave* mine away.
> Not this one:
> This one:
> 5. NeXTStation Color Turbo. I got tired of the proprietary-everything and
> the space it was taking to keep it working and pristine. Still. I wish I
> hadn't sold it.
> 6. Mac Quadra 660AV. This was a pizzabox M68k classic mac with a video
> frame capture (a crappy one but still...) capability. I notice you can't
> really even buy classic macs on ebay anymore. There used to be scads of
> them. Damn... does that mean I'm old now?
> 7. SGI Origin 200 dual R12k 270Mhz. It's the top model Origin 200 and it
> had good skins etc... If I had it today it'd be running in my garage with
> the rest of the zoo. I had to ditch some gear to move way back when, and
> this box was a casualty.
> 8. Sharp Wizard OZ-8000 organizer. This thing rocked. I'd probably be
> tempted to *use* it. I got a lot of mileage out of it "back in the day". It
> ran on a Z80 and took AAA batteries (yes!). Plus I had (and maybe I still
> do) a DB9 serial interface for it. You could use it as a vt220 terminal,
> 9. Atari Lynx. I had all the cool games. Like a fool I sold mine for some
> quick money in college to help fund a silly trip with some chick who is
> long gone long ago. Ugh. I'd rather have the Lynx back...
> 10. TRS-80 model 100. I didn't really like it that much, but nowadays it'd
> look cool in my collection and I have more nostalgic love for the
> trasheighty. Plus it takes AA batteries (I love that!).
> -Swift

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