classics I threw away or sold ... foolishly

Pete Turnbull pete at
Wed May 18 19:09:29 CDT 2016

On 18/05/2016 21:50, Swift Griggs wrote:
> I've stack-ranked all the classic items that I, to my everlasting shame,
> let go of at some point and now I feel like it was a mistake:

I can sympathise.  I regret selling or giving away (or in one case 
lending, never to recover) these:

- my first Exidy Sorcerer, with 48K, every ROM PAC and every manual I 
could buy, and a lot of mods,

- a PDP-11/40, missing power supplies, but with a full complement of 
CPU cards and memory, and several interfaces,

- a BBC Microcomputer, Issue 1, serial no 671; not a great machine 
compared to later ones I still have, but historic,

- an SGI Indy which I sold for little more than the cost of shipping,

- a Commodore PET 4032 (though I still have an early 2001 8K with MOS 
Technology RAM and ROM),

- a nice VT131, a VT102, and a couple of VT220s,

- a big collection of SCSI and IEEE-488 cables,

and more.  OTOH, I don't really have enough space for the stuff I still 
do have, nor enough time and energy to make it all work!


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