classics I threw away or sold ... foolishly

Swift Griggs swiftgriggs at
Thu May 19 09:25:33 CDT 2016

On Thu, 19 May 2016, Pete Turnbull wrote:
> - my first Exidy Sorcerer, with 48K, every ROM PAC and every manual I 
> could buy, and a lot of mods,

Those look really cool. I remember seeing them in computer mags when I was 
uhhh, 7 or 8 years old. Drooled.

> - an SGI Indy which I sold for little more than the cost of shipping,

I still have 2 Indys. One R4600/200 and one R5000/180. I also have a 
Challenge S with an R4600 in it. These are easy to warehouse, but I 
probably need to hoard up some Dallas clock modules for them, since they 
often go bad and lose their MAC.

> - a nice VT131, a VT102, and a couple of VT220s,

Hmm, I always thought the "paper white" terminals were the neatest of the 
monochrome terminal ilk, but I'm not sure if any DEC VTs were ever made 
that way. 

> - a big collection of SCSI and IEEE-488 cables,

Oh man, I threw away a bunch of serial and SCSI cables at one point only 
to have to buy the same ones again years later. Ugh. 

> OTOH, I don't really have enough space for the stuff I still do have, 
> nor enough time and energy to make it all work!

Agreed. I have some dream of building a nice man-cave with individual 2-3 
workstations setup at any given time for me to tinker on and a full bench 
off to the side to work-on/fix stuff. However, then I wake up in suburbia 
and remember how much the price per sq/ft is, now that real estate is back 
in the stratosphere. 


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